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What Are the Benefits of Franchising with In Home Personal Services?

As an In Home Personal Services franchisee, you will have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of countless others as well as your own. After all, senior home care is already an enormous industry and is expected to rapidly grow in size.

In Home Personal Services maintains a unique market niche within this massive potential customer base. Most seniors do not want to move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. In fact, 90% of seniors would prefer to remain in their homes as they age.

Rapid Growth

Back in 2013, there were more than 41.8 million people in the U.S. age 65 or older and still growing.

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Family Flexiblity

From flexible hours, to world-class support our franchise model is family friendly.

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Powerful Brand

From world class training and support to our amazing marketing collateral you have all the tools you need.

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Our Locations

Our In Home Personal Services franchise system of care giving is rapidly growing. To find out which territories are available nearest you contact us.

Solid Investment

Looking for a rapidly growing market to be awarded a franchise? In Home Personal Services franchise offers multiple revenue streams and an opportunity to give back.

Career Opportunities

Are you genuinely interested in making a positive impact on a senior’s life? If you are looking for a rewarding career in senior care we encourage you to consider IHPS.

Our Founding Mission


At the core of In Home Personal Services is a very real care for our aging seniors and a unique understanding that each person is an individual with their own goals and needs for their in-home care. In Home Personal Services was founded out of our dismay at the way many companies were taking advantage of those in their care, and a genuine hope that we could do better.

The aging baby boomer demographic is driving the demand for home care services up, and will continue to do so long into the future. To meet this need we are rapidly expanding our franchise system. Our commitment to quality and individualized care will never waiver and we are always looking for individuals who share our vision of what in-home care should be.

Vision and Mission

Helping seniors is our leading mission and the very essence of our business. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century. We need our seniors to have access to great care and service. We combine both with our senior home care.

Our Philosophy

Our brand builds on our fundamental strength―that IHPS is the most innovative and forward thinking home care agency in the world― this enables our clients, employees and franchisees to be empowered and inspired.

Our Commitment to Quality

In Home Personal Services offers non-medical care to seniors in their homes. We have stood alone when it comes to creating individualized care plans based on our client’s specific needs. Our continuing growth was sparked not because we are competing, but because we are separating ourselves from the rest of the pack.

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Veterans know how to get the job done.

At In Home Personal Services we know that veterans know how to get the mission done. We believe that the discipline and leadership skills you have utilized your entire military career are the exact same skills that will help you in building your own franchise. In short, WE WANT YOU!