Our Experience

Welcome to In Home Personal Services. IHPS was founded in 2004 and has provided seniors and those in need of assistance with high quality home care services at affordable rates ever since. We work with our clients and their families to allow them to remain living independently and safely in their own homes. We have built a reputation for helping our clients maintain a high quality of life and we never waiver from our mission.

Our Leadership

Why should you become a franchisee of IHPS? Our strong leadership is dedicated to supporting you and helping you build your business. Our leaders know the healthcare franchise industry inside and out and keep up to date with the trends in the industry to help our franchises grow and be successful.

Our Impact

Our amazing team genuinely cares and wants to make a change and a difference. In Home Personal Services has made an impact on so many lives, families, and communities.

Our Mission and Values

Vision & Mission

Helping people is our leading mission and the very essence of our business. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage, and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century: maintaining our seniors’ independence and having high-quality in-home care.

Our Philosophy

Our brand is built on the belief that we want to become one of the most innovative and forward thinking home service agencies in the world. This enables our clients, employees, and franchisees to be empowered and inspired.

Our Care

Our founder revolutionized the way in-home care is conducted out of concern for seniors. Too often people that need help don’t receive the quality care they deserve. We try to put an end to that.

Our Approach

In Home Personal Services brings a unique approach to caregiving – one that takes the “senior” out of ‘senior care’ – and allows us to see amazing people who are beautiful in every way no matter what age. These incredible, accomplished, and fascinating individuals may now need a little assistance or possibly full-time support to ensure their lives continue to blossom. Our in-home care services are flexible to your specific needs.

Affordable Rates

In Home Personal Services is committed to making sure that every senior has access to the quality in-home care they need and deserve at rates they can actually afford.

Our Franchise System


Since 2004, In Home Personal Services has been fine tuning our business model in order to pave the way for future franchisees to share in this incredible opportunity. With our low startup costs our franchisees can control their own financial destiny. Our franchise system offers three paths to creating the business you have dreamed about.

Individual Protected Territory

The most accessible option for new business owners is a single territory. This is a single area that will be designated as your franchise location and would not be allowed to be serviced by any other In Home Personal Services location.

Master Protected Territory

Another option is to be awarded a master territory. These are territories that are geographically connected to the original designated franchise location and would not be allowed to be serviced by another IHPS location.

Business Conversion

This is an option for currently established home care businesses that aren’t part of a franchise system. By re-branding  as an In Home Personal Services location you would receive many benefits of our rapidly expanding system.

The In-home Care Market

According the U.S. Census Bureau there are almost 42 million people in the United States over the age of 65 and that number is projected to double by 2050. This means our market is expanding every day.

In the year 2012 more than $72.2 billion was spent on senior care. With 8,000 new Americans turning 60 every single day that number can only go up and up making an In Home Personal Services business more attractive every day.