Investing in Your Future with IHPS: The Costs

New Franchisees

In Home Personal Services prides itself on having an affordable franchise system full of opportunities to shape your own financial future. New prospective franchisees can expect to pay an initial franchise fee of $65,000 for their own protected territory location, securing the full weight of the IHPS brand and team behind you.

Discounted Franchise Fees

In certain cases In Home Personal Services discounts its initial franchise fee. If you are a current franchisee looking to expand you can expect and a fee of $48,600. If you are a veteran, and employee of IHPS, or a health care employee (such as a registered nurse, doctor, physical therapist, etc…) you can expect a franchise fee of $52,000.

Additional Start Up Costs

When opening an IHPS business, franchisees should expect startup costs in addition to franchise fees. These costs are associated with things like securing and decorating an office, required insurance, licensing and more. We have estimated startup cost between $50,800-$103,000 depending on your preferences as a business owner.

We Provide the Training You Need

At In Home Personal Services we have taken the time to build a company with amazing values and standards. As a franchisee we want to help you take control of your business and get you started on the right path. In order to give our franchisees the tools they need we have created a world class training system. Our training will take you through all aspects of running an In Home Personal Services business. From the business side of things all the way through to care giving training and quality control our dedicated Franchise Business Advisors (FBAs)  will make sure your questions are always answered.

  • Pre-Opening Preparations

  • Recruiting and Human Resources

  • Business and On the Job Operations

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Long Term Support from FBAs

All Locations are Protected Territories

In Home Personal Services looks into many things when awarding franchise locations. We take into account the population of those 65 and older and the number of independent living communities and use zip codes and geographic boundaries when determining a territory.

In Home Personal Services offers protected territories to all awarded franchises in good standing. This means that In Home Personal Services will not award your protected territory to any other franchisee or allow them to operate within your territory.