If awarded a franchise with In Home Personal Services, you will immediately benefit from our well-known brand. Our brand guidelines have been crafted for the ultimate awareness of our core mission and values. Our belief of transparency and good will blends well with our world class marketing efforts. You can be proud to represent our brand and values when you join our team.

We are committed in offering our franchisees a top notch marketing approach design to deliver more customers to your territory by implementing an omni-channel integrated marketing strategy. We have developed marketing campaigns for television, radio, online, and public relations. With a combination of these efforts we achieve brand awareness, lead generation and increase your sales. We have a strong identity and style guide that directs our marketing assets across our entire network of franchises.

All franchisees contribute to a shared marketing fund that will help in building our brand and communicating the benefits of our services to current and potential customers, nationally and on the local level. With brand consistency top of mind – we strive to achieve a great balance on control and excepting contributions from our franchisees. Our franchise system also includes your own online presence. Your own website and digital marketing plan start before your grand opening. This approach helps gain local traction, even before you open your doors for business.

Online, a business with multiple franchised locations are more likely to get prominent positioning in local searches. Name recognition and branding efforts increase as the number of separate locations increase. Another great advantage our franchise system delivers is a greater buying power for advertisements and marketing campaigns due to the pooling of our resources in the marketing fund. Many small business could never afford the type of marketing our franchise system is able to.

Franchises are also at a convenience when it comes to paying for website development and maintaining it. When creating a company website, a best practice for franchises is to develop one main page for the overall business (containing all of the content, menus, product descriptions, etc.). Each franchisee then gets their own subpage, accessible through a “locations” feature. Franchisees can modify their own pages to an extent allowed by the franchise owner, and they can even run their own local specials. This practice packs a powerful punch when it comes to search engine algorithms, hence benefits local SEO, and offers tremendous savings over each business having to pay for creation and hosting of their own individual site.

When deciding whether to open an individual business or buy into a franchise, a franchising opportunity offers a great many benefits which should not be discounted, and one of the most important ones to consider is the tremendous marketing advantage.


Join us as a franchisee to make a difference in the senior care community and positively impact your life at the same time.


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