We Welcome You to Join Us as a Franchisee Today

Step 1

Review Your Qualification Criteria

The first step towards a career with an In Home Personal Services franchise is to determine if you meet some basic qualifications. As with any investment, franchising isn’t without risks. Make sure that you research your options and make sure that you are financially prepared for the investment ahead. Before being awarded a franchise, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Obtain and retain all federal and state licenses for senior care
  • Have liquid assets and startup capital
  • Have a clean record with no felony convictions
  • Care genuinely about the care of senior citizens

In addition to those basic requirements to franchise with our system, we also look for candidates / franchisees that have experience in the following:

  • Business / Management Experience
  • Health Care Experience is beneficial, but no required
  • Personal Experiences with Senior Care
  • Past business ownership experience
  • Past or current service in a branch of the U.S. military

Please take a look at the possible investment options you could qualify for with In Home Personal Services:

  • Single Territory Franchisee
    • The most popular option in our franchising system. Once awarded a territory in our franchise system you will start building your business in your local territory.
  • Master | Multiple Territory Franchisee
    • The best option for those who are convinced that senior in home care is the largest industry that is growing exponentially in the years to come. This option is most appropriate for the seasoned and experienced franchise operator/business person looking for larger investment potential to either grow yourself or manage the franchise area for others.
  • Business Conversion Program
    • You already have an in home caregiver business but you aren’t a part of a franchising system. By re-branding your business to an In Home Personal Services location you will be part of a rapidly expanding / growing system in our senior in home care network.
Step 2

Contact Our Franchise Business Advisor

Let’s Talk. We love that you are excited about your potential franchise opportunity with In Home Personal Services. We will start to get to know one another over email, phone, and possibly in person. Our personal approach makes sure that we are a great fit for each other. Even if you have all the qualifications necessary to be a franchise owner, sometimes our senior-centric approach is more about the care we offer than the money. “Caring” is our business – we hope that you share that feeling too.

Step 3

Receive our FDD

A franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a legal document which is presented to prospective buyers of franchises in the pre-sale disclosure process in the United States. You will have an opportunity to review and double check our FDD. While doing your research, this is an important step to being awarded a franchise. This document will help explain all the legal, terms, and contractual obligations that both parties (the franchiser and franchisee) agree to.

Step 4

Determine Availability of Desired Territory.

As long as the territory you are considering is in an area that has a large enough potential market, isn’t an off market area, or already has a In Home Personal Services franchisee you should be able to choose a territory location that is close to you. You could also request a territory that isn’t local to you, especially if you are planning on moving or want to manage your territory from out of state. We will help guide you in finding the best territory that fits your needs and has potential to grow in the in home care category.

Step 5

In Home Personal Services Awards a Franchise

This is the last step before opening up your location. You will have at this point approved our FDD, accepted our franchise agreement, paid your initial fees and met with our Founder / President. Soon you will have your location up and running and well on to your way to helping seniors live a more manageable, safer and happier life in their own home.

Step 6

Training and Preparation Begins

We don’t expect new franchisees to already know how to run and operate an in-home care business all on their own, that is why we have an amazing training process that teaches you everything that you need to get started with your territory. We will also introduce you to our support staff, marketing team, and other professionals we have in house that can support your business.

Step 7

Celebrate Your Grand Opening with Your Community

You are ready to shape your financial future. It will be hard work, but you have an award winning team that is rooting for you every step of the way. As a collaborate national team we are best equipped to change the landscape of senior care and employ great people in local communities. We couldn’t be more happy to have you on our team.

**Homecare and/or senior care experience is not a requirement to become an In Home Personal Services Franchisee. All our franchisees must be passionate about working with and providing care to the senior population. The belief that all seniors should have exceptional, affordable care is at the core of who we are as a company, and our franchisees must share those values.**