Due to the nature of business and franchising you are embarking on a journey that has the potential for great risk and great rewards. We try to offer support to our franchisees to help them obtain the best return on their investment. We support you because there is a lot more to running your franchise than following a manual, you accounting, and hiring your staff.

We start with great training. Even if you feel that you’ve already been there and done that, we want more than just confidence when you being your first days and months as a franchisee. We want you to be a leader that takes our mission and values and spreads them into your territory. We are confident that with some coaching and training you will be off to a great start.

You are not the first nor the last franchisee to be awarded. Therefore, any pitfalls you might see in the road ahead, we probably saw as well and have a solution or recommendation to help. We want to help you avoid costly mistakes because the faster you grow the faster we do as well. Franchising is a symbiotic relationship where as you grow, the entire system grows and the brand gains more and more recognition on a local level as well as nationally.

You may have questions about something specific while running your business. Maybe you have questions about accounting, email, or digital marketing. No matter what the issue is, we have employees that are leaders in many fields. Go ahead and pick our brains. In almost every case – the collaborative power of franchising will enhance your business and lead to faster growth.

We’re confident that our training and support is second to none in the homecare industry. You will receive a minimum of 14 days of training at our corporate office along with a minimum of four days of hands on training within your territory. After your training is complete, you will be assigned a Franchise Business Advisor who is not just on call, they’re on duty 24/7/365. Our FBAs are not only experts when it comes to the IHPS system, but are able to provide resources across all senior care needs.


Join us as a franchisee to make a difference in the senior care community and positively impact your life at the same time.


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