Premium Territories

In Home Personal Services has your best interest in mind. Our territories are not only developed with a greater land mass and square mileage area, but are prepped for long term growth with our franchise system. We focus on regulatory guidelines, senior census and referral sources in protected territories in various states to serve you best, wherever you choose to franchise. Once you have established yourself in your own premium territory you have the option to expand to secondary territories at a reduced price.

Outstanding Support

We provide initial support to all of our franchisees. This includes 21 days of training with our corporate team at our headquarters as well as 4 days on site to guide you through your grand opening. We have a team of 40 full time professionals with an expertise in senior care and operations of our robust system that will aide you in all areas. You will also have a dedicated Franchise Business Advisor who will be by you step by step of the way, for operations, human resources, accounting and billing.

Affordable Investment

In Home Personal Services has a low initial investment of $32,500.00. We are a service industry that does not have a lot of requirements or investments for services and vendors you are not interested in. We are a low cash start up with minimal overhead requirements, if any. This allows our franchisees to build their business and get off the ground quickly. Poising you for rapid growth from your first day. In Home Personal Services is built to pre-bill for our services to allow cash flow in ahead of the services being provided. If you are a medical professional or a veteran we invite you to inquire about our even further reduced franchise fees.

Proven Business Model

In Home Personal Services has the capability to change and adapt while maintaining not only high customer satisfaction, but the original mission and vision of the company. Since 2004 we have continued evolving to meet the needs of our clients and our franchisees. In 2008 our operations in Illinois were regulated by the Department of Health for the first time. Because of this, we didn’t just modify to meet regulations, we modified our business to exceed them. In doing so, we continue to look for ways to improve and change as we grow. This business standard has extended past Illinois and is also established in Texas and Florida. Another aspect is being able to adapt to the financial needs and concerns of our clients. We have a unique competitive advantage in a market place where private pay service can be made affordable through insurance and veteran benefits.