If you are reading this page, it is likely that you already have a business in senior home care. That’s great news. You already are an experienced and successful operator of an independent business who wants to take the next big step towards financial freedom. Just like before you will be in business for yourself, but this time you won’t be by yourself.

There are many great advantages of franchising, many explained elsewhere on this website. However, you could realize greater rewards since you already have much of what it takes to be in business. You should already have real estate, staff, customers, tools, and tons of experience. If you decide to convert all of those things you already have don’t need to be reinvested in. Also, because you should already have sales – we might be able to apply some of your earnings into our franchise fee.

Your benefits in joining us, representing our brand and sharing our system have many advantages. You will be part of a collaborate effort to bring change to senior in-home care. Every day you will be a part of transforming these antiquated methods and really helping the elderly. Your association with a large brand will make it easier for you to generate leads and be found. You will have guidance on business and marketing support. Converting your independent business to a franchise isn’t right for everyone, and nothing guarantees you being awarded a franchise. However, that is why we encourage a conversation.

The secret to successful conversion franchising, for both parties, is extensive communication prior to the conversion decision. Independent operators need to make sure they understand exactly what the benefits and costs will be and also what is required of them in terms of changes. The franchisor needs to ensure potential franchisees are embracing the idea of conversion for all the reasons that are important to the franchise company, without reservation.

A wonderful strategy for both parties in this process is for the franchisor to conduct a business review of the existing operation, then provide the prospective converting franchisee with an overview of all key changes required in a conversion. This overview could also list the benefits the franchisor feels the operator would gain from converting.


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Join us as a franchisee to make a difference in the senior care community and positively impact your life at the same time.