Veteran Franchising

Franchises are a natural fit for veterans. At In Home Personal Services we recognize that as franchisees, veterans bring strong leadership and amazing discipline to the high-energy creative spirit that is American entrepreneurship. Together, In Home Personal Services and veterans can achieve even greater heights.

What In Home Personal Services Can Do for Veterans

Veterans feel at home with In Home Personal Services because our values are aligned. The same results orientated skills you used in your military career are what will make the transition into our franchise system easier.

Everything about the IHPS franchise system, from our business model to our training program is structured to set you out on the right path and help you get the best start you can in the in-home care business. We couldn’t be more proud to offer special military discounts making it more accessible than ever for Veterans to begin a franchise.

Why We Want Veterans

In Home Personal Services knows that serving within the military teaches the importance of structure to any productive mission. The truth is that you trained your entire military career to succeed in the field, and those same skills can allow you to thrive in business.

The best way to build a business is with goal oriented strategy and a clear plan. We have found that veterans often possess the mindset to bring this type of approach to the table.